Travel Policies and Procedures

Travel Policies

All travel on behalf of the Center for Space Research must be in accordance with University policy which requires prior approval by the Director of the Center and the Principal Investigator of the account to be charged.

Approval is obtained through use of the Staff Travel Request (“STR”) Form. Appropriate approvals of these forms authorize the absence from the Center and expenditure of specified funds for the indicated travel. The traveler should make every effort to achieve economical travel and an accurate estimate. A travel authorization must be completed and approved for each trip, even if there are no charges for travel to a University account.

Travel Procedures

The Travel Request must be completed and approved before any travel expenses can be incurred or reimbursed. The traveler is responsible for the completion of the form and submission to the Center travel coordinator.

As soon as possible, but not later than 60 days from the end of travel, the traveler must present a completed Travel Expense Summary to the CSR travel coordinator. A travel reimbursement voucher can then be prepared for the traveler’s signature and processed electronically. For travel older than 60 days, the Travel Coordinator will give the traveler the necessary information to file personally a manual voucher on campus.

For the most current rates and rules check UT Travel Procedures.