Twelve NASA SEES Interns Receive VIP Invitations to OSIRIS-REx Reveal Event at NASA Johnson Space Center


Twelve 2023 NASA SEES interns are in Houston, Texas for the #OSIRISREx VIP reveal event at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

The NASA SEES Summer High School Internship program was offered the opportunity to invite 12 NASA SEES students to join the Center for Space Research Education and Outreach’s Margaret Baguio and Celena Miller in Houston, Texas for this once-in-a lifetime event.

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, the NASA SEES interns will visit the NASA Astromaterials facility and will get to see the OSIRIS-REx samples inside the clean room. The NASA SEES program is proud of these selected interns and with our partnership with NASA JSC Astromaterials.

Congratulations to the following twelve 2023 NASA SEES interns selected for this special event!

Eric Azayev, Meteorites
Jayla Edwards, Mars Rover Resource Utilization
Londyn Franklin, Texas Atmospheric and Space Research
Jason Gruber, Astronaut Photography
ShawnEvan Gutierrez, Air Quality Initiative
Aaron Kingslien, Moon Exploration and Habitation
Nicholas Mendez, High Altitude Eclipse Payload Project
Kira Reyes, McDonald Observatory
Dafne Rodriguez, Earth System Explorers
Yury Rusakov, McDonald Observatory
Amaris Sacalxot, Remote Sensing
Raj Sinha, High Altitude Eclipse Payload Project