Former STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) Interns Selected as Top 300 Scholars for Regeneron Science Talent Search 2024

NASA SEES Alumni Selected 2024 Regeneron STS Top 300 Scholars (L to R): Nikita Agrawal, David Backer Peral, Alexia Bravo, and Riya Tyagi

Four NASA SEES Alumni were announced as top 300 scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2024. The Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars were selected from 2,162 applications received from 712 high schools across 46 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and ten other countries. Scholars were chosen based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists and hail from 196 American and international high schools and homeschools in 36 states and China.

Nikita Agrawal (2022 NASA SEES Earth System Explorers)
Project Title: A Novel Approach for Predicting Large Wildfires Using Machine Learning Toward Environmental Justice via Environmental Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Reanalysis Data Across the United States

David Backer Peral (2022 NASA SEES Earth System Explorers & 2023 NASA SEES Artemis ROADS)
Project Title: Hot Button: Non-Invasive Approach for Studying Aggressive States

Alexia Bravo (2022 NASA SEES Asteroid Photometry)
Project Title: An Investigation of New Brown Dwarf Spectral Binary Candidates From the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Citizen Science Initiative

Riya Tyagi (2023 NASA SEES Earth System Explorers)
Project Title: Using Computer Vision To Disentangle Features Enabling AI To Learn Self-Reported Race and Ethnicity From Medical Images