NASA SEES High School Interns to Fly Experiments on Zero-G Flight

Screenshot of 2023 NASA SEES intern, Zoe Zlatic, appearing on Fox2Now to talk about her experiment she will be conducting on a Zero-G flight on March 8, 2024.

2023 NASA SEES Intern, Zoe Zlatic, was featured on Fox2Now on February 21, 2024 to talk about the experiment she will be conducting on a Zero-G flight scheduled for March 8, 2024. Zoe, along with three other 2023 NASA SEES Interns, were selected among the 96 on-site interns from the high school summer internship program last year.

The four students selected to fly their experiments are:

  • London Franklin, “Utilizing Polyethylene and Water in Spacesuits as Radiation Shielding Materials for Astronaut Protection
  • Aaron Kingslien, “Repelling the Dust: Advancing Extravehicular Mobility Unit Design Through Comparative Fabric Analysis and Electrostatic Lunar Dust Repulsion
  • Landry McRoy, “Abnormal Cardiovascular Study in Microgravity
  • Zoe Zlatic, “Testing Procter & Gamble‚Äôs Water Purification Powder in Micro and Artificial Gravity

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