Cockrell School of Engineering   University of Texas at Austin
UT Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Srinivas Bettadpur



Spring 2017

  • ASE 366L – Applied Orbital Mechanics - This is the second class in Orbits at UT ASE/EM, following upon ASE 366K. We now explore the more practical and advanced orbit design topics for space applications. We move past two-body orbits to the oblateness and drag perturbations. We look in detail at the relative geometry of the terrestrial observer on a rotating Earth, the satellite, and the Sun, including topics such as scene, illumination, shadow, etc. We spend reasonable time on relative motion, as modeled using C-W equations. Other topics include brief introduction to GPS and the three-body problem.
  • ASE389P2 – Satellite Geodesy - This graduate class covers the dynamic Earth and what we may understand about it with space-based methods. The few weeks on positioning covers what we may learn about Earth through the measurement of its kinematics using precise positioning space geodetic techniques. A survey of the Earth orientation, and the dynamics of the elastic Earth and polar motion is provided. Most of the class deals with potential theory, including the expression of the geopotential in spherical harmonics; the study and application of the geoid; Kaula’s theory of orbital perturbations; and time-variable gravity and its orbital effects.

Spring 2016