IT Updates – August 24, 2020

Blurb on ticketing

We’re renewing our use of the UT ServiceNow ticketing system for computer issues to streamline communication and ensure that all issues get tackled in an order that reflects correct priorities.  If you run into a computer problem or need assistance with a technical issue please send email to  This will allow you to get status updates as the issue progresses via email or by logging in with your eid at

VPN and windows licensing issue

As our time away from campus increases we’re nearing the point where we can start running into issues with Windows licensing on UT owned laptops.  If you have a laptop running Windows it has to periodically communicate with a server on the UT campus to extend the license.  It does this monthly and extends the license for six months at a time.  If the license runs out the machine will start rebooting after each hour of use, which obviously will make it very difficult to use.  You can renew your license by connecting to the VPN.  If you have not been routinely connecting to the VPN during our time away from campus or if you start getting messages about your Windows license nearing expiration you should contact to make sure your laptop continues to be licensed.

New Zoom feature

The latest release of Zoom has an interesting beta feature.  You can now use a Powerpoint presentation as a virtual background.  The option is under Share Screen in the advanced options in Zoom version 5.2.1 (44052.0816) and later.

General IT reminders

  • Beginning September 27, 2020, non-UT guests in Zoom meetings will have to use a password or be admitted through a waiting room.