January 15, 2008 Version

Symposium Honoring Byron Tapley's 50 Years of Contributions
to Aerospace Education, Research and Service
February 1, 2008

Assumes 25 min per presentation (20 min + 5 min discussion/setup)

8:30 Welcome and opening remarks:
B. Streetman, UT-Austin Dean of Cockrell School of Engineering
R. Bishop, UT-Austin, Chair Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Session Chair: B. Schutz (UT-Austin)
8:45 J. Parker, G. Born (Univ. of Colorado): DUNE's mission design options
9:10 M. Tapley (SWRI): Dynamics of the IMAGE spacecraft/antenna system
9:35 O. Montenbruck, et al. (DLR, Germany): Navigation and control of the TanDEM-X formation
10:00 B. Raofi, et al. (JPL): Flight control strategies for the Mars Phoenix mission
10:25 BREAK
Session Chair: G. Born, Univ. of Colorado
10:40 J. Junkins (TX A&M Univ.): High order methods for estimation of nonlinear dynamic systems
11:05 M. Majji, et al. (TX A&M Univ.): A high order method for estimation of dynamic systems
11:30 H. Inaba (Tokyo Denki University) and R. Abdursul (Vancouver CC): Nonlinear observers for machine vision corrupted by noises
Session Chair: T. Eller (Astro USA, LLC)
13:00 Poster introduction (read titles; authors at posters during 14:50 BREAK)
13:10 S. Casotto, F. Biscani (Univ. of Padua, Italy): A Poisson series manipulation for application to orbital mechanics
13:35 G. Giacaglia (Univ. of Taubate, Brazil), B. Schutz (UT-Austin): Third body perturbations on satellite orbits with small eccentricity
14:00 J. Ries, et al. (UT-Austin): Confirming the frame-dragging effect with satellite laser ranging
14:25 J. F. Jordan (JPL): Anomalous energy changes observed during spacecraft flybys of Earth
14:50 BREAK & Posters with authors
Session Chair: W. F. Powers
15:30 M. Lara (Spanish Naval Observatory), R.Russell (Georgia Tech.): Fast design of repeat ground track orbits in high-fidelity geopotentials
15:55 R. S. Nerem Univ. of Colorado) and D. Chambers (UT-Austin): Satellite measurements of sea level change
16:20 C. K. Shum (Ohio State Univ.) and P. A. M. Abusali (UT-Austin): Interdisciplinary altimeter methods for satellite geodesy


Presentation (title only):

Banquet: 18:30 - cocktails; 19:00 dinner

Banquet Speaker: Christoph Reigber (GRACE Co-PI, Germany)