CSR Seminar Series
CSR Seminar Series

All CSR Seminars will be held in Conference Room 2.806, WPR Building, 2nd Floor
3925 W. Braker Lane, Ste 200, Austin, Texas 78759

Coffee & cookies will be served
For further information, please contact 471-5573

Mar 16SPEAKER - Dr. Sheng-wey Chiow (Quantum Sciences and Technology Group, JPL): Atomic quantum sensors for space applications ** THURSDAY @ 2PM **
Feb 21SPEAKER - Dr. Ann Chen, Ph.D. (CSR): Using spaceborne InSAR to characterize the active layer freeze-thaw cycle at Toolik, Alaska ** TUESDAY @ 2PM **
Feb 14SPEAKER - Dr. Dae Young Lee, Ph.D. (CSR): Multi-algorithmic Hybrid Attitude Determination and Control System for CubeSat ** TUESDAY @ 2PM **
Jan 10SPEAKER - Francis Condi, Ph.D.: Oil, Gas, and Gravity for Space Geodesists ** TUESDAY @ 2PM **
Jan 5SPEAKER - Mark Tamisiea, Ph.D.: Sea level: Use and comparisons of static equilibrium models with data ** THURSDAY @ 2PM **

Dec 8SPEAKERS - Himanshu Save, PhD (CSR): Identifying high frequency signals in the daily swath mascon solutions from GRACE and Nadège Pie, PhD (CSR): Identifying GRACE+GOCE Combination Gravity Field Error Introduced in Geodetic MDT Using Local Fourier 2D Spatial Spectra ** THURSDAY @ 3PM **
Nov 28SPEAKER - Dr. Greg Chamitoff (NASA Astronaut): Observations on NASA Human Spaceflight ** MONDAY @ 1:30PM **
Oct 20SPEAKER - Dr. Jooyoung Eom (Korea Polar Research Institute): Spatio-temporal surface mass redistribution in Amazon and Greenland recovered by GRACE ** THURSDAY @ 3:00PM **
June 14SPEAKER - Jung-Rack Kim (University of Seoul): Suppressing Error Terms for Planetary and Terrestrial Topographic Remote Sensing ** TUESDAY @ 2:00PM **
May 23SPEAKER - Furqan Ahmed, PhD (University of Luxembourg): Meteorological Applications of Ground-based GNSS Observations ** @ 2:00PM **
Feb 19SPEAKER - John Xun Yang (University of Michigan): Spaceborne Microwave Radiometry: Calibration and Science Applications ** FRIDAY @ 2:30PM **

Oct 19SPEAKER - Dan Lester (Exinetics): Exploration Telepresence: Value and Challenges
Oct 15SPEAKER - Thorsten Markus (NASA Goddard): ICESAT-2 ** THURSDAY @ 2:00 PM **
June 2SPEAKER - Don Chambers (USF): Observing Dynamics of the Southern Ocean with Satellites
May 21SPEAKER - Behzad Raofi (JPL): Deep Space Missions **THURSDAY @ 10 AM **
May 19SPEAKER - Mark Tapley (SWRI): New Horizons Mission to Pluto
Apr 21SPEAKER - Don Blankenship (UTIG): Mission to Europa
Feb 24SPEAKER - John Ries (UT-CSR): Satellite Laser Ranging Application for Gravity Field Determination
Jan 27SPEAKER - Carly Sakumura (UT-CSR): Optimal Formulation of GRACE and Future Geodetic Remote Sensing Products for Operational Use and Data Assimilation

Dec 9AGU Preview Talks ** 3 PM **
  • SPEAKER - Denis Felikson (CSR): "Spatial Variability in Surface Elevation Changes of Central-West Greenland Outlet Glaciers"
  • SPEAKER - Carly Sakumura (CSR): "Data assimilation of GRACE terrestrial water storage information: solution assessment, error characterization and algorithmic procedure"
  • SPEAKER - Dr. Himanshu Save (CSR): "Inversion of GRACE Range-Rate Data into Equal Area Mass Grids using Tikhonov Regularization"
Oct 10SPEAKER - James G. (Gil) Miller (JSPOC): Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT) ** FRIDAY @ 10:30 AM **
Oct 10SPEAKER - Bruce R. Bowman (JSPOC): Thermospheric Density Variations, Solar EUV and Geomag. Storm Modeling ** FRIDAY @ 9:30 AM **
Oct 10SPEAKER - Bruce R. Bowman (JSPOC): AF Operational Real-Time Thermospheric Density Monitoring Project HASDM ** FRIDAY @ 8:30 AM **
Oct 9SPEAKER - Steve Casali (JSPOC): Astrodynamics Support Workstation (ASW) Orbit Determination (OD) Overview ** THURSDAY @ 10:00 AM **
Sept 9SPEAKER - Dr. Hum Mandell (UTCSR): Human Missions to Mars are Affordable, and We Can Prove It
** 3 PM **
Aug 19SPEAKER - Sarah E. McCandless (UTCSR): Utilizing GRACE Total Water Storage, NDVI, and Precipitation for Drought Identification and Classification in Texas ** 3 PM **
Apr 23SPEAKER - Russell Carpenter (NASA Goddard): Generalized Linear Covariance Analysis and the Orbit Determination Toolkit ** WEDNESDAY at 3:30 PM **
Mar 27SPEAKER - Maria Zuber (MIT): GRAIL science results ** THURSDAY at 1:30 PM **
Mar 20SPEAKER - Dah-ning Yuan (JPL): Construction of the GRAIL gravity field ** THURSDAY at 3 PM **
Mar 6SPEAKER - Ralph Roncoli (JPL): GRAIL mission perspectives ** THURSDAY - 3:30 PM, WRW 102 (on main campus) **

Sept 12SPEAKER - Professor Michael Bevis (Ohio State University) - Station Trajectory Models and Terrestrial Reference Frames ** THURSDAY at 1 PM **
Jan 15SPEAKER - Dr. Behcet Acikmese (Asst. Prof., UT Aero. Engineering & Eng. Mech.) ** 3 PM **

Nov 29SPEAKER - Dr. Brian Gunter (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) - Advances in Geodesy and Geoscience from Future Satellite Constellations ** THURSDAY at 3PM **
Nov 6SPEAKER - Dr. Charles Jackson (UT Institute for Geophysics) - Data for Testing Projections of Ice Sheet Mass Loss
Aug 22SPEAKER - Dr. Christopher Shuman (University of Maryland Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology) - Warm events at Summit, Greenland during 2012 relative to an evolving 25 year ice sheet temperature record **WEDNESDAY**
Jun 5EVENT - Transit of Venus **Telescope Viewing Outside WPR at 5 PM **
Mar 30 SPEAKER - Carter Emmart (American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium) - Tour of the Digital Universe ** FRIDAY 9 AM **
Mar 27 SPEAKER - Hum Mandel (NASA Retired) - Space Programs of the World: US Leadership Challenged
Mar 6SPEAKER - Torvald Hessel (Executive Director, Austin Planetarium) - Flying through the Universe with "Uniview"

June 8SPEAKER - Mark Psiaki (Sibley School of Mech. & Aero. Engr., Cornell) - Mixed Real/Integer Kalman Filtering & Orbit Smoothing with Applications to Orbit Determination **WEDNESDAY**
Apr 26VIDEO - Secrets Beneath the Ice (ANDRILL project)
Apr 19SPEAKER - Dagoberto Salazar (Astronomy and Geomatics, Technical University of Catalonia) - Techniques for precise GPS-based position, velocity and acceleration determination with long baselines
Apr 5VIDEO - Japan's Killer Quake (Aired Mar 30, 2011)
Mar 29VIDEO - Deadliest Earthquakes (Aired January 11, 2011)
Mar 22SPEAKER - Laerte Ferreira (Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil)
Mar 8SPEAKER - Amy Neuenschwander (ARL and CSR) - Laser Altimetry: Earth Observation from Airborne and Spaceborne Platforms
Mar 2SPEAKER - Phil Bedient from Rice University **WEDNESDAY**
Feb 22VIDEO - Sputnik Declassified
Feb 15SPEAKER - Glenn Lightsey (ASE&EM Department) - The FASTRAC satellites
Feb 8VIDEO - Earth from Above

Nov 4Victor Zlotnicki, JPL, Oceans from a Geodetic Viewpoint
Oct 19Ginny Catania, Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School, Cryosphere from the Geodetic Viewpoint
Oct 12Zong-Liang Yang, Jackson School, Land Surface Models from the Geodetic Viewpoint
Oct 5Tatyana Pekker, CSR, Atmospheric Fields from the Geodetic Viewpoint
Sept 30Dr. Alexander Martynov, From Sputnik to Mars (and the Technologies) **THURSDAY**
Sept 14Byron Tapley, CSR, NASA 2011 and Beyond
June 16Ramesh Shrestha and William Carter - National Center for Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping (NCALM) -
** Wednesday 11 AM **
May 18Shuanggen Jin (UTCSR) - GNSS, Gravity and Geodesy
April 27 & 28Dr. Mark Pittlekau - TBA
April 6Dr. Todd Humphreys (UT) - Radionavigation Integrity and Security - The Achilles Heels of GPS
Mar 2Charles Webb (UTCSR) - Monitoring Change in the Cryosphere from Space: ICESat and Beyond
Feb 11Grady Tuell (Optech) - Simultaneous High Resolution Lidar Imaging of the Shallow-water Seafloor and Beach with the Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar (CZMIL)
Feb 9Brian Tolman - Precise Positioning and its Applications at ARL:UT
Jan 26Torvald Hessel - Austin Planetarium

June 30Jack Holt (UT Institute for Geophysics) - (Orbital Exploration of Ice on Mars)
June 8David Spencer (Ga Tech/formerly JPL) - (The Phoenix Mars Scout Mission) ** Monday 11 AM **
May 19Professor Giorgio E. O. Giacaglia - (Development of Geopotential, Lunar and Solar Perturbations on a Close Satellite)
April 14Professor Emeritus Ray Duncombe (CSR) - (Vignettes of Early Space Age History)
Mar 24Dr. Byron Tapley (CSR) - (The GRACE Mission)
Mar 10Dr. Mark Tapley (Southwest Research Institute) - (The New Horizons Mission)
Mar 2Dr. Bob Schutz (CSR) - (From Geodesy to Satellite Geodesy )
Feb 24Don Chambers (UT/CSR) - (Measuring and Understanding Long-Term Sea Level Change)

Nov 21Zuheir Altamimi(Institut Géographique National, France) - (The International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS) from Theory to Implementation)
Nov 11Richard Gross (JPL) - (Consistency of Earth Rotation, Gravity, and Shape Measurements)
Sept 23Prof. Ellen Rathje (UT Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering) - (The Role of Remote Sensing in Earthquake Science and Engineering)
June 24Burke Fort (TSGC) - (The 8th Continent Project: Integrating Space into the Global Economy)
May 20Hum Mandell (NASA Ret./UTCSR) - (History of the Mars exploration program)
May 6Bert Wouters (TU Delft) - (Filtering of GRACE observations using empirical orthogonal functions)
April 22Kelley Crews (UT Geography and the Environment) - Human-environment systems vulnerability in the global tropics
Mar 18Duncan Young (UT Institute for Geophysics) - (Radar Studies of Subglacial Roughness in West Antarctica)

Nov 29 Joe Liadsky (Optech, Inc) - Lidar **Thursday**
Nov 27 Dan Lester (UT Astronomy) - (The Moon)
Nov 15 Jong-Uk Park (KASI) - (R&D Activities on Space Geodesy) **Thursday** 11:00 AM
Oct 23 Joe Hahn (Space Science Institute) - (The Kuiper Belt)
Sept 21 Gerry Mader (NGS, NOS, NOAA) - (Kinematic GPS) ***NOT A TUESDAY***
Aug 16 Clint Slatton (Univ. of Florida) (Geomorphologic Information from Lidar Topography)
Aug 7 Amy Neuenschwander (Flooding and Fire in the Okavango Delta, Botswana)
July 17 Key-Rok Choi (Spacecraft Dynamics)
June 12 David Maidment (UT-CRWR) (Water Resources)
May 22 Jay Boisseau (Tx Adv Comp Ctr) (TACC Overview)
May 08 Michael Endl (UT-Astronomy) (Extrasolar Planets)
May 03 Yoaz Bar-Sever (JPL) (GPS @ JPL) ***NOT A TUESDAY*** 11:00 AM
Apr 10 Don Blankenship (UTIG) (Subglacial Water Systems)
Apr 03 Ginny Catania (UTIG) (Greenland)
Mar 20 Jakob Flury (Gravimetry)
Feb 27 Sean Buckley (SAR Part Deux)
Feb 13 G.E.O. Giacaglia (Relativity & Satellites)
Jan 30 Judit Ries (Observing Near-Earth Asteroids)
Jan 19 Clay Blankenship (NRL Monterey) **NOT A TUESDAY** 11:00 AM (Data Assimilation @ NWP Center)

Nov 21 Keith Hutchison (Air Quality)
Nov 07 Rob Scott (UTIG) (Hurricanes & Climate Change)
Oct 24 Ed Powell (PointServe.com) (Engineering & Entrepreneurship)
Oct 17 Amy Hays (Ecology & Geospatial Science)
Oct 03 Demos Gebre (U Minn. Twin-Cities) (GPS Applications)
Sep 19 John Ries (Relativity & Geodesy)
Aug 22 Sean Buckley (Synthetic Aperture Radar)
Jul 25 Hum Mandell (NASA Advanced Projects: Historical Perspectives)
Jun 27 Glenn Lightsey (Small Satellites Program at UT-ASE)
Jun 13 Jianli Chen (GRACE & Hydrology)
May 30 Roberto Gutierrez (LIDAR Applications)
May 09 Teresa Howard (GIS and Land Remote Sensing Resources at CSR)
Apr 18 Don Chambers (Oceanography & GRACE)
Apr 11 Michael Watkins (JPL) (Mars Science Laboratory) **Special Time** 11:00 AM)
Apr 04 Margaret Baguio (Texas Space Grant)
Mar 21 Amy Neuenschwander (LIDAR)
Mar 07 Gordon Wells (Remote Sensing & Emergency Response)
Feb 21 Pete Shelus (Lunar Laser Ranging)
Feb 07 Tim Urban (ICESat Calibration)