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Rio Grande Delta


Principal Investigators:

Drs. Frank Judd and Robert Lonard, Department of Biology, University of Texas - Pan American

Dr. Melba Crawford, Center for Space Research, University of Texas at Austin

Mapping of Riparian Vegetation

Riparian ecosystems are among the nation's highly threatened natural resources, especially along the Rio Grande River. With recent development of the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV), the amount of natural vegetation is thought to be declining. The purpose of this joint effort is to map the extent of the riparian vegetation and its changes over time. This was done by using aerial videography (provided by USDA/Weslaco) and satellite imagery.

Remote Sensing of Rio Grande Delta Marshes

This project provided data for the establishment of a wetland basemap for the Rio Grande Delta using airborne and spaceborne remotely sensed imagery. The creation of a wetland basemap on a regional scale will provide the foundation for continuing research in the Rio Grande Delta.  During the course of this project, airborne sensors such as CASI and HYMAP were flown over several sites in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


Last Modified: Wed Apr 14, 1999