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Radar Interferometry Measurement of Land Subsidence

Research Objectives

This research investigates the use of radar interferometry for measurement of land subsidence in Phoenix, Arizona and Houston, Texas.  The research objectives in each study area are two-fold: 
  1. demonstrate the use of differential interferometry for observing land subsidence within the region; 
  2. measure recent (1990s) subsidence rates by developing a time series of subsidence deformation maps.  

The use of several interferograms spanning different time periods provides valuable information about the spatial and temporal progression of subsidence in these regions.

Investigators include Sean Buckley and Byron D. Tapley at CSR, Paul A. Rosen and Scott Hensley at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Roberto Gutierrez and Bill White at the UT Bureau of Economic Geology and Maurice Tatlow at the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Phoenix, Arizona

Area Description
SAR Data

Houston, Texas

Area Description
SAR Data

Granting Agencies

NASA, Earth Science Enterprise, Solid Earth and Natural Hazards program
European Space Agency
Western North America InSAR Consortium
Arizona Department of Water Resources


Sean Buckley - buckley@csr.utexas.edu
Center for Space Research
3925 West Braker Lane, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78759
512-232-7838 (phone)
512-471-3570 (fax)