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Airborne LIDAR mapping of the Texas Coast

The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) and Center for Space Research (CSR) at The University of Texas at Austin are currently using high-resolution airborne topographic mapping technologies in the study of barrier systems.  On 8 November 1997, the Bureau of Economic Geology flew 34 flightlines over Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island, Texas collecting 3.5 hours of LIDAR data. Approximately 14.4 million data points from all flightlines were merged and gridded to create a digital elevation model (DEM). The DEM has a 5 x 5 m horizontal resolution and centimeter vertical resolution and a 15cm rms error. This new data set provides an extremely detailed image of the peninsula, as illustrated to the right.

Digital Elevation Model of Bolivar Peninsula, Texas derived from LIDAR data.


HYMAP data acquired over Port Bolivar, Texas September, 1999
Shaded Relief Image of Port Bolivar, Texas from 1997 LIDAR data


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