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Remote Sensing and Archaeology: The Chora of Chersonesos

Principal Investigators:
    Dr. Joseph Carter, Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Texas at Austin

    Dr. Melba Crawford, Center for Space Research, University of Texas at Austin


Chersonesos, located on the north coast of the Black Sea, is an ancient Greek colony with a uniquely preserved agricultural territory. The Center for Space Research (CSR), in collaboration with the University of Texas Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICA), is investigating the use of remote sensing in a comprehensive regional study of this ancient agricultural territory. Understanding the overall pattern of the dividing roads and the relationship between the pattern of human settlement and the natural environment is one of  the main goals of this project. Unfortunately, Chersonesos is threatened by natural and anthropogenic factors, such as coastal erosion and urban encroachment.

Therefore, the primary impetus of this project is to investigate the use of satellite and airborne imagery in providing the best possible protection for Chersonesos.

Area Description and Historical Background
Excavation Sites
Remotely Sensed Data


Last Modified: Fri Apr 09, 1999