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Faculty and Senior Research Staff

Melba M. Crawford, Operations Research
Kelley Crews-Meyer, Geography
Ken Dunton, Marine Science Institute
Jim Gibeaut, Bureau of Economic Geology
Roberto Gutierrez, Bureau of Economic Geology
Paul Hudson, Geography
Jay Raney, Bureau of Economic Geology
Bill White, Bureau of Economic Geology
Brian Evans, Electrical Engineering
Joydeep Ghosh, Electrical Engineering
Joseph Carter, Archeology
Eric Pianka, Zoology
Dick Richardson, Zoology

Engineering Research Staff:

Graduate Students:

    Yangchi Chen, Operations Research
    Tatiana Encheva, Operations Research
    Sinan Erzurumlu, Operations Research
    Alexandre Henneguelle, Electrical Engineering
    Donna Korycinski, Operations Research
    Joseph Morgan, Operations Research
    Larry Teng, Aerospace Engineering
    Hong Taek Yong, Operations Research

Undergraduate Students:

    Nathan Dunton
    Stacy Ford
    Scott Graber
    Santiago Papini