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Variable Resolution Topographic Mapping of Ancient Fluvial Landscapes in Australia

Oh-Ig Kwoun(1), Melba M. Crawford(1),
Victor R. Baker(2), and Goro Komatsu(2)

(1):Center for Space Research, University of Texas at Austin
3925 W. Braker Ln., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78759-5321
Ph: (512) 471-5573  Fax: (512) 471-3570
(2): Department of Hydrology, University of Arizona


Topographic features often exhibit great spatial variability over a region and can thereby be represented efficiently on variable resolution grids. Repeat pass INSAR from space-based sensors has relatively coarse spatial resolution but broad coverage and can be used effectively to develop regional digital elevation models (DEM's), while airborne TOPSAR provides superior spatial and vertical resolution but limited coverage. This study investigates the application of the Distributed Adaptive Grid Hierarchy (DAGH) data structure for developing an integrated, interferometry based DEM of the regional landscape of the Finke River in the Northern Territory of Australia using ERS and TOPSAR data.


Last Modified: Tue July 13, 1999