Metropolitan Art Museum
I didn't take notes(it is a vacation), so I get to use my own names and comments.
P8190372african_r.jpg The primitive African art was fine, but I really loved the space.
P8190373carvedtusk_r.jpg Now that's a lot of work.
P8190360number5_r.jpg Woman in front of 5
P8190361hillslights_r.jpg Great Lighting on hills partly cloudy sky
P8190362desertmountains_r.jpg Desert Valley
P8190363womanwindow_r.jpg Woman at the window
P8190364womandots_r.jpg Dali painting with dots, Great 3-D Effect
P8190366greenhills_r.jpg Canyon walkers with canes
P8190367fishingboats_r.jpg Great Colors
P8190368window_r.jpg Great window scene, I'd like to just step out on the balcone
P8190370pinklake_r.jpg I loved the central scene, then there are all the great little ones too
P8190374modartmez_r.jpg This is a great space.
P8190375oxbow_r.jpg This is great on the macro scale but it also...
P8190376oxbowcloseup_r.jpg ...has unique detailed notes. Like where the roads lead and personal notes about his life. Really cool.
P8190378dotman_r.jpg Man of dots
P8190379redsculp_r.jpg The sculpture is good, I was also capturing the far perspective of the piece on the far wall.
P8190380roughpainting_r.jpg Here is a closeup, it has extreme texture.
P8190381carribean_r.jpg This was just fun to look at.
P8190382roofwindow_r.jpg Up at the roof garden, I liked the view through the window.
P8190383roofsouth_r.jpg Looking downtown from the roof garden.
P8190384roofnorthwest_r.jpg Looking northwest
P8190385clocks_r.jpg Exquisit clocks, tracked seasons and motions of the stars in addition to normal time.
P8190386johnbaptist_r.jpg Medeaval art of Adam and Eve and John the Baptist, I loved the colors.
P8190387missingwall_r.jpg The artist wanted to get the indoor and outdor scenes; I liked the broken wall effect.
P8190388womandrawing_r.jpg I was really impressed by this. The lighting, the texture, it's a perfect blend of the artist's impression and a realistic portrayal.
P8190389hillstorm_r.jpg The vivid colors under the approaching clouds really grabbed me.
P8190390christ_r.jpg I thought the entire room was well coordinated; The darkness of the crucifixion really comes out.
P8190391mountedarmor_r.jpg The mounted knights were impressive. The armor is intricately engraved.
P8190392harpsichord_r.jpg The guilded harpsichord is truly amazing.
P8190393statuary2_r.jpg I really liked the spaces of this place
P8190395encasedstatue_r.jpg A real sense of the statue trying to emerge from the rock.
P8190397lakefallsmount_r.jpg The american landscapes are inspiring.
P8190398mountainfalls_r.jpg Now that's some picture frame
P8190400titangoblet_r.jpg A little imagination with Titan's Goblet
P8190402shipflags_r.jpg Vivid colors
P8190403panorama_r.jpg A nearly 360 degree panoroma of Versailles
P8190407booktable_r.jpg An exquisite table from the New York Public Library