Hanging Around
P8170339picnicgroup_r.jpg Some of the Trinity Baptist Church picnickers at Central Park Sheep's Meadow
P8170336discussions.jpg A good picnic has good conversations. That's Judy's roommate Robynne on the left.
P8170334judybrian_r.jpg Brian and Judy at the Picnic
P8170337debbie_rachel_r.jpg Debbie and Rachel
P8180355tarapatio_r.jpg Tara on patio near Judy's Building
P8180351archwindows_r.jpg St. Patrick's Cathedral Windows
P8180349candles_r.jpg St. Patrick's candles
P8180345p51_r.jpg P-51 at Aeronautic Exhibit
P8180342taraf16_r.jpg Tara in front of F-16
P8180343woodenplane_r.jpg Wooden Plane
P8180348jetengine_r.jpg Jet Engine
P8180341metaralions_r.jpg Me and Tara in front of the NY Library
P8180356judypond_r.jpg Judy and pond on way to Amy Ruth's. A great Soul Food place in Harlem that Molly told us about
I should have used the flash.
P8180357amyruth_r.jpg Molly in Front of Amy Ruth's. The food was really great. If you can only eat one meal in New York, eat it here.
P8180358judymolly_r.jpg Judy and Molly (and me) in Amy Ruth's. That's honey dipped fried chicken in the foreground. Their waffles are also well regarded.
P8180359nightcity_r.jpg Upper West Side lights over Central Park reservoir. I was skeptical that the lighting would come out, but Judy encouraged me to take it.
P8190409apart1.jpg Checking email and reviewing current events.
with flash
P8190410apart2.jpg without flash
P8200412pinkjudy_r.jpg Judy Art