Enchanted Rock--2002/10/05
The 'before' shot; ready to climb: James, Me, Michael
Tim, Veronica, Stormy, Gavin,
Amy, Melissa, Sarah, Dana
Up on top
This is a great place to sit and talk
...and look far away
...and climb on rocks. If Michael's doing it, it must be cool.
A few doing their own thing. The arrows lead to a cave. No flashlight, so we could only look at the entrance. Climbing through the rocks was still fun; like kids in a playscape.
How steep do you like it? A grade for all tastes.
Done with the top, let's go around on the west side.
Just like the boulder, we too came to rest here.
We took a detour to Moss Lake. It isn't really mossy, and actually more like a pond.
Trees will try to live anywhere.
Going through the East valley with rocks on both sides,Left.
And Right
Some more rocks on the right
It's been fun, but I think we're ready to go.
Fredericksburg is a good destination after the Rock.
You can get some rest.
And some food.
The Rock and the Sun are becoming memories.
The 'after' shot;
and we're done.