Ski Banff 2003
We got an early start, getting to the airport about 5:30am
About 8 hours later we're flying over Calgary.
Next, it's 1 hr 40 min by bus to Banff.
The start of a good day; loading the shuttle to the slopes.
On the shuttle you can talk to friends,
Or look out the window. In Banff, there's always a good view.
At Ski Louise, it took two ski lifts to get here, the view alone is worth the trip...
but I came to ski and I wasn't disappointed.
The Summit, the highest spot serviced by a lift. The platter lift here is a little more tricky to use than the chairs in the rest of the park.
From the Summit, you can see the main front side to the base
and also the back bowl. There's alot of great snow between here and the bottom. skiiers at the bottom look like mere dots.
After a morning of skiing, it's time for lunch.
Then it's back up chair to the slopes.
You really get some great views from the chairs.
Cheryl's ready to go.
After a hard day on the slopes, it's time for dinner, a little fondu anyone?
Next day, it's back to the same ol' thing, Another mountain out the window.
Ready for another day on the snow
It looks so easy, doesn't it.
On ski trips, there are always opportunities to hang
or sit around with your friends.
Sometimes a great view needs people in front of it.
"Hey, that's a nice looking scene. Quick! Someone get in front of it."
After a few days of skiing, a few of us decided to check out the Chateau Lake Louise.
A frozen lake makes a good place to practice walking on water.
It seems they recently had an ice carving contest. Danielle takes the inspiration to stretch out a little.
If you get a little rowdy, it's no problem to put you on ice.
Michael and the snowman.
It looks so much better with little sun.
Now there's some nice ice.
Our last supper: Table 1
Table 2
Table 3
Leaving is such sweet sorrow as
everything becomes a distant dream.