TSGC/CSR Summer Internship Program
High School Program

TSGC/CSR Summer Internship Program

Texas Space Grant Consortium and The University of Texas at Austin Center for Space Research Summer Intern Program is a competitive STEM program for high school students. The program provides selected students with exposure to Earth and space research. Students will learn how to interpret NASA satellite data while working with scientists and engineers in their chosen area of work.

Scientists and Engineers at UT/CSR are conducting NASA supported research on remote sensing and space geodetic techniques to help understand Earth systems, natural hazards and climate science. This summer TSGC and UT/CSR will support a summer intern program from July 20 - August 13, 2015. The summer intern program will allow students to view and investigate NASA remote sensing data including CSR analysis of ice sheets, Earth's gravity field, and other satellite observations while being mentored by project scientists.

We are offering summer internships to motivated high school students who have an interest in pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics careers. The students will work beside CSR scientists analyzing and visualizing data. This content knowledge, coupled with hands-on experiences, allows the student to gain experience in authentic research through field investigation and data analysis.

Students are selected on the basis of their academic records, written application that includes written essay questions, chosen college major, and interest in STEM. Students will be supervised by Middle and High School Teachers who have worked with the NASA Reach Opportunities in Space and Earth Science program in the past. Students will conduct research, attend weekly seminars, participate in field investigations, and prepare a presentation about their experience at the end of the session. If you are a student and would like to apply for the 2015 TSGC/CSR Summer Intern Program, click on the High School Program link on the left.

The deadline for submitting your application for the summer 2015 internship program is April 10, 2015.

Questions may be directed to:

    Margaret Baguio
    Senior Education and Outreach Coordinator
    NASA Texas Space Grant Consortium
    3925 W. Braker Lane, Suite 200
    Austin, Texas 78759
    Phone: 512-471-6922
    Fax: 512-471-3585
    Email: baguio@csr.utexas.edu