Don Chambers

Don Chambers, Ph.D
Research Scientist


The primary focus of my research is quantifying and understanding sea level change, especially low frequency variations related to climate change. I use various satellite and in situ data to measure sea level, including satellite altimetry, satellite gravity measurements, tide gauges, and ocean temperature. I am particularly interested in using the various data to separate the thermal expansion and mass components of sea level rise.

Because satellite measurements have become very important in this type of research, I am also very involved in calibration and validation of the satellite sensors, especially radar altimeters. I am a member of the NASA Ocean Surface Topography, GRACE, and Interdisciplinary Science Teams.


Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 1996

Current Funded Research Projects

Recent Publications

Observing seasonal steric sea level variations with GRACE and satellite altimetry, J. Geophys. Res., 111 (C3), C03010, 10.1029/2005JC002914, 2006 (D. Chambers).

Preliminary observations of global ocean mass variations with GRACE, Geophys. Res. Ltrs, 31, L13310, doi:10.1029/2004GL020461, 2004 (D. P. Chambers, J. Wahr, R. S. Nerem).

Large Scale Ocean Circulation from the GRACE GGM01 Geoid, Geophys. Res. Ltrs, 30(22), 2163, doi:10.1029/2003GL018622, 2003 (B. D. Tapley, D. P. Chambers, S. Bettadpur, and J. C. Ries).

Calibration and Verification of Jason-1 Using Global Along-Track Residuals with TOPEX, Marine Geodesy, Special Issue on Jason-1 Calibration/Validation, Part 1, Vol. 26, 305-318, 2003 (D. P. Chambers, J. C. Ries, and T. J. Urban).

New TOPEX Sea State Bias Models and Their Effect on Global Mean Sea Level, J. Geophys. Res., 108 (C10), 3305, 10.1029/2003JC001839, 2003 (D. P. Chambers, S. A. Hayes, J. C. Ries, and T. J. Urban).

Effect of Sea Level Variability on the Estimation of Mean Sea Surface Gradients, Marine Geodesy, 25, 273-288, 2002 (D. P. Chambers)

Low Frequency Variations in Global Mean Sea Level: 1950-2000, J. Geophys. Res., 107, 10.1029/2001JC001089, 2002 (D. P. Chambers, C. A. Mehlhaff, T. J. Urban, D. Fujii, and R. S. Nerem).

Interannual Sea Level Change and the Earth's Water Mass Budget, Geophys. Res. Ltrs, 27, 3073-3076, 2000 (D. P. Chambers, J. L. Chen, R. S. Nerem, and B. D. Tapley).

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