Srinivas V. Bettadpur

Srinivas V. Bettadpur, Ph.D
Research Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Bettadpur's principal research interests are Space Geodesy and Spaceflight Mechanics.

At present he is working on GRACE, the Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment, which is a joint NASA/DLR space mission launched on March 17, 2002, to map the gravity field of the Earth. In his capacity as the Science Operations Manager for the GRACE mission, he is the interface on science related matters to the multi-national GRACE flight operations team. He is also responsible for managing the GRACE science data processing & analysis activities at UT-CSR. These activities span the range from analysis & interpretation of the Earth gravity field model products derived from GRACE flight data, to the characterization of the GRACE flight system performance on the aspects relevant to the science data quality.

His other research interests and activities include:

  1. The estimation and analysis of temporal variations in Earth gravity field from Satellite Laser Ranging data.
  2. Geodynamic analysis and estimation of ocean tides from satellite altimeter data.
  3. Analysis and estimation of Earth Orientation, Station Coordinates and Geocenter Motions from satellite tracking data.
  4. Precision Orbit Determination for Earth satellites and associated force model improvements.
  5. Application of supercomputing techniques to problems in satellite geodesy.

Dr. Bettadpur has also taught beginning and advanced graduate classes in the application of statistical methods to orbit determination and satellite geodesy. Additional activities include contributions to the formulation of the Global Geodetic Observation System (GGOS).


Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 1993

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