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Purchasing Guidelines

To initiate a purchase:

  1. Submit a completed Purchase Request Form [PDF, DOC] by either email, fax or mail

  2. You must include authorized account signatures (either physical signature or electronic approval) to the CSR purchasing office (purchasing@csr.utexas.edu)

  3. If an order is of priority status, the purchase request form must have a realistic "need by date" section completed

For additional information specific to UT purchasing go to: http://www.utexas.edu/admin/purchasing/fhdbk.html

Purchase Request Lead Time Notes
$0 - $1,0003-5 business days 
$1,000 - $5,00010 business days 
$5,000 - $25,000*15 business days3 phone quotes required
> $25,000*25 business days

*Sole source purchases require special procedures. Consult with the purchasing officer.

Purchasing Responsibilities

  • Jason Peck (purchasing@csr.utexas.edu) is responsible for initiating all purchase order requests, monitoring the order's status (upon request), and will notify the recipient when the order arrives.

  • Ileene Pickett (pickett@csr.utexas.edu) is responsible for accounts payable.

For Procard checkout please email Jason Peck at purchasing@csr.utexas.edu

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Last Modified: Thu Sept 29, 2016