The mission of the Center for Space Research at the University of Texas at Austin is to conduct coordinated research efforts associated with orbit determination, space geodesy, the Earth and its environment, exploration of the solar system, as well as expanding the scientific applications of space systems data. This research further enhances and stimulates the academic programs at The University of Texas at Austin.

Research topics associated with Earth and ocean sciences include:

  • geodesy
  • geodynamics
  • oceanography
  • agriculture
  • global climatic change
  • environmental issues

Research topics of interest associated with exploration include:

  • advanced orbit determination and navigation methods
  • planetary gravity field modeling
  • Lunar exploration program
  • Mars exploration program

Results of research have provided solutions to questions associated with oil exploration and drilling operations; environmental impacts of oil spills, fishery; agriculture; mapping the general ocean circulation and its small-scale changes and improving models of the Earth's gravity field; and climatic predictions.