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CSR InfoCenter

Welcome to CSR's Info Center. A comprehensive online resource about CSR and other helpful information.
CSR Profile
Other CSR Online Resources
  • Computing
    • Computer Policy Acknowledgement [PDF]
    • CSR Computer Policy Statement [PDF]
    • Request for CSR Computer Account [PDF]
  • Purchasing
  • Travel
  • Human Resources
    • CSR Graduate Student Handbook
    • New Employee In-Processing [PDF]
    • Employee Separation-Checklist [PDF]

    • Paper Timesheets
      Employees who don't have access to online timesheets or are unable to use online timesheets for any reason, use one of the following forms to record and report their work hours:
      • Time Report Form [PDF] - use this form for salaried employees who do not have access to or are unable to use the online timesheet
      • Time Report Form for Hourly Employees [PDF] - use this form for hourly employees, UTemps, and work-study students
  • CSR/TSGC WWW Search Engine
Other Online Resources

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Last Modified: Thu Nov 03, 2011