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ICESat 4

Here is a short quiz about the ICESat mission. All of the answers can be found on our GLAS/ICESat web site. Press the grade button to see how you did.

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1: The rocket that will launch ICESat into space is the
Delta II
Space Shuttle
2: The elevation of the surface at each laser footprint is the
height of the spacecraft plus the measured distance to the surface
location of the GPS satellites to the spacecraft
height of the spacecraft minus the measured distanced to the surface
3: The Geoscience Laser Altimeter System includes a
laser system to measure distance
a receiver of signals from the GPS of satellites
a star-tracker attitude-determination system
4: The distance from the spacecraft to clouds and to Earth’s surface will be determined from
time it takes for the laser pulses to travel to the reflecting objects and return
how fast the satellite is traveling
5: There is great uncertainty in the rate of sea level rise today because
we have no historical data
weather changes make it difficult
ocean tide gauges must be averaged over many decades with corrections
6: The atmospheric channel of GLAS will help researchers interpret laser signals obtained from:
ice sheet surface in the presence of low clouds
blowing snow
7: The ICESat mission is scheduled to be in orbit
three years of operation with a five year goal
ten years
five years of operation with a seven year goal