Table of Contents

Scientific Background
Investigation Objective
Relevance to USGCRP/MTPE/EOS Scientific Goals
Scientific, Educational and Policy Relevant Contributions
Scientific Contributions
Atmospheric Angular Momentum, Earth Orientation, and Climate
Oceanic Angular Momentum and Earth Rotation
Torques and the Dynamical Transfer Angular Momentum Within the Earth System
Hydrologic and Oceanic System Coupling
Satellite Observations of Mass Redistribution Within the Earth System
Mean Sea Level
Mass Balance of Ice Sheets
Data Assimilation for General Ocean Circulation Models
Specific Research Plans Before First EOS Launch
EOS Instrument Algorithm Development/Calibration/Validation
Use of EOS Data
Contribution to Policy Relevant Objectives of MTPE/EOS
Contribution to Educational Objectives of MTPE/EOS
Programmatic Contributions
Contribution to EOS Program/Panel Activities
Data Product Requirements
Data Products and Deliverables
Interactions with DAACs and Other NASA Data Archive Facilities
Science Computational Facility Status
Effect of EOS Restructuring
Project Management
Investigation Team Management
Contribution of Team Members
Collaborations With Other EOS and Non-EOS Investigations
Non-EOS Interactions
EOS Instrument Teams Interaction
Future Change in Research Plans
Investigation Summary: Major Scientific Findings